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Change of plea Change of plea

After three visits to the Sparta Municipal Court, Clem finally received some great news. His initial plea of guilty, the key component of the infraction that began this whole saga, was changed to not guilty. Eventually, this allowed him to plead down to possession of paraphernalia, and under the current Homeland Security guidelines, this is not a deportable... [Read more ... ]

He’s Out!!! He’s Out!!!

In a turn of events fitting of this Kafka-esque plot line, Clem was released on parole this past Tuesday night (December 16th). The circumstances were odd to say the least. Clem was suddenly asked to gather his things and after moving through a series of holding cells he was driven towards Manhattan. Approaching Newark airport, Clem still didn’t... [Read more ... ]

Clem’s case featured on Telegraph.co.uk Clem’s case featured on Telegraph.co.uk

An article covering Clem’s wrongful detention was recently published by Telegraph.co.uk. It had prominent place on editor’s favorites on the front page for an entire day. What we need to do is get it onto other websites. Please read the article and then digg it. This means clicking on the digg link on the article, then registering on the... [Read more ... ]

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Immigrant Detention System in the News

Clem is hardly alone in this fight. Thankfully the press is increasingly raising questions and sharing important stories. Read more about how the U.S. immigration detention system is arbitrary and cruel. Follow the disturbing cases of detainee deaths. What do you think?  Read More →

Clem’s Upcoming Hearings

Dear Friends, When we last left prisoner #84381 in December 2008, he had just been released after six weeks in Monmouth County Correctional Institution.  As you may know, he was there compliments of Homeland Security after having his passport and green card confiscated when he returned home from a trip abroad. Even though he was released and many... [Read more ... ]

The New Jersey Star Ledger covers Clem’s case

Read recent coverage of Clem’s case in the New Jersey Star Ledger.  Read More →