Clem Says Thank You To Everyone

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Sunday, December 10.

I’m passing on this e-mail from Clem’s VP….Robin
I had the opportunity to visit with Clem and John David today.

Clem got two of us for the price of one and fortunately, John David and I were both on the “visitor “side of the glass!

Clem wanted me to convey his great appreciation for everything everyone is doing on his behalf. The cards and letters, the books, the letter writing campaigns, the visits, and the things he says he’s sure he doesn’t even know about.

He says he’s run out of envelopes and could never keep up with all the “Thank You’s” but he asked me to please let all of you know how deeply touched he’s been and his inability to thank each and every one of you himself is no reflection of the love and gratitude he has for his amazing circle of friends and family.

You could see when he walked into the visitor area he’s a bit down, but as Joe Volpe pointed out from his recent visit, when he sees a few buddies standing there you see a smile come to his face and you know in that moment he can turn off his troubles and he knows people miss him and are thinking about him.

His spirits remain high given the circumstances, and knowing that were all out there pulling for him, makes all the difference in the world.

He asked me to make sure I share his thanks to all of you.

Mike H.


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  1. Paul Finbow says:

    I’m thinking that I’ve elbowed this bloke a few times in the heat of battle, and he is a real good sport on the pitch. I only met him in 2008, but he seems to be a mellow chap. I want to help him.