Free At Last

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For the first time in 35 days, I can catch my breath. The news that my father would be released left me elated and excited. I didn’t know what it meant, when it would happen, or how, but I knew it meant good news. I can not tell you how it felt to know that after all of the struggle, there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

I raced home from work to begin preparing a welcome home dinner and make a huge sign. I jumped around like a wild woman and screamed at the thought of seeing my dad again. There are no real words to describe the heartbeat I felt in my stomach or the nervousness that ran through my brain. All I could focus on was that our day had come to be reunited again.

As I heard the garage door open, my head raced with excitement. I waited as I heard footsteps up the stairs and began bursting at the seams. The living room door opened and I leapt from my seat to be at my dad’s side. I screamed, “Daddy!” and raced for his hug. Finally, after these painful weeks, I could rap my arms around him again. I squeezed tighter and tighter, not wanting to let go, for the fear of losing him again. When I looked up, I saw the tears in his eyes and felt those in mine.

It’s a moment that I will never forget. I can’t thank each and every one of you enough for all that you have done for my dad and my family. My mom and I could never have gotten through this without the generousity and kindness people in this town and across the world have shown us. For my dad, the letters of encouragement, books, and visits meant the world. He proudly told me that his Corrections Officier commented that no one receieved anywhere near as much mail as he did and that he must have a lot of support. That is indeed true. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you enough.

I am truly humbled at how much people open their hearts, and even their wallets, for a family in crisis. I feel as though I owe each of you something that I can never fully repay. My dad would not be home with my mom and me without the perseverance and strength of the people that surround us. Your advice, encouragement, support, research, letter writing, strategies, and all have been the most beautiful gifts I will ever receive.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Holidays to you and yours. 🙂


6 Responses to “Free At Last”
  1. Joe Pickens says:

    This man is a scumbag. He does not deserve to walk our country freely and should be either thrown behind bars, or brought back to Europe. He put lives at risk when he drove drunk, and is a drug user. Do not buy into the sugar coated article in the Sparta Independent. This man is pure scum and deserves to be in jail.

  2. jean-Paul bonnet says:

    Rejoice, I am so happy to come on the site tonite for the first time and read the good news. Clem, Robin, I share your tears and am sorry Clem had to go through what he did. Obviously our beautiful nation has gone astray. In some weird way maybe this wrong can help others. I was ready to march, Peace, happy hanuhkah and a blessed christmas. JP

  3. Sean McKenna says:

    Joe Pickens i don’t know who you are, or what makes you the sick twisted ass you are. What compelled you to go onto a website to just bring down the one positive news they’ve have in a long time. To the Clements i am happy for you, and may these Holidays be the best you’ve ever had.

  4. Sue Newman says:

    What great news that my brother is now home with his family. From all of us in the UK (Clem’s Pa, sister Jill and all the neices and nephews) many thanks for everyone’s efforts, calls, letters, support and persistence to get justice in this nightmare. I was beginning to think that the USA had become some third world country with no civil rights or justice. At least now Clem can fight any case from home and with his family and job intact.
    Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone involved and let’s hope 2009 brings good news.

  5. John and Kate Chambers says:

    Welcome home to a great guy. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to a wonderful family.
    I would like to express my distaste for the comments of the lame idiot Joe Pickens- If that is your real name moron.


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