Shattered Optimism

November 25, 2008 by  
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Sunday, November 25.

A late night email to thank everyone for supporting us and evaluating what we can do.

First, thanks a million to everyone for showing up for Clem. It warmed his heart to have everyone show up and despite the dismal outcome ,it DID lift his spirits. It certainly made Mackenzie and I feel as if we are not alone.

I, too am outraged and couldn’t believe I wasn’t allowed to speak. You saw how quickly the judge and lawyer shut me up when I asked if I could say anything in Clem’s defense. Being completely ignorant of the proceedings that apply in a court room is extremely intimidating. You are absolutely correct when you speak of the feeling of helplessness.

I’m glad you wrote to Senators Lautenberg and Menendez. I already have my foot in the door with Senator Lautenberg’s office and must follow up in the morning . As you can see by the posting of this e-mail, it’s the middle of the night and big surprise, I can’t sleep. I know that Senator Menendez is a champion of Immigrants rights. I just hope the marijuana charge,(as minuscule as it is ) does not put him off from helping. I have zero connection to Governor Corzine, but a friend of a friend worked for him so I must pursue that lead now that this unbelievable situation has transpired. I was really optimistic after I hired “the pit bull “ .He seemed more like a cocker spaniel in court, but again that may be standard operating procedure in front of a judge . I really just don’t know.

I know there is a college professor and groups of his students who have overturned sentences of inmates who were wrongfully convicted. They’ve received national press and I saw a news clip on T.V. Perhaps we could do some research on them and find out how to get in touch with them.

I was very moved and humbled by all the support Scharff Weisberg staff has given us. It makes me cry just thinking about it. Please let each and every one of them know how grateful I am. Mackenzie and I will thank them as soon as we’re able.

We can only hope that the appeal will work. I’m looking into getting the 2002 pot conviction removed/expunged from Clem’s record. This could provide a completely different avenue for Clem’s defense. Some attorney friends from Clem’s soccer team are advising me and may be able to help me so I don’t have to hire another expensive lawyer. Hard as it is for me to believe, my current attorney, Michael DiRaimondo, said I could get a criminal attorney friend of his to do this. I would have thought that he could do it, but he doesn’t practice law in New Jersey. Could it be the same as the medical field where everyone has their own niche specialty?

This has really turned into a nightmare. Mackenzie’s sobbing just broke my heart. I wish she didn’t have to go through this, but she wanted to be there and the lawyer thought it a good idea for the judge to see her. Seeing your father in handcuffs has got to be shattering. Not to mention how it must have made Clem feel. The 3 kid’s nickname for Clem is GPD…great and powerful dad. Well that’s just another heartbreaker.
The bleak reality is setting in. We really thought he’d be home for Thanksgiving.

I will send the prison visiting hours. I think it’s important for Clem to have visitors so he doesn’t feel forgotten. It also will break up the extreme tedium of the day. I guess everyone has to go and send him those books that I thought , so optimistically, he wouldn’t need.

As we said in the 70’s “Keep the Faith “.It’s hard to believe this is happening…

Warmly, Robin

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