Who is Clem?

Paul Arnold Clements (“Clem”), was born April 26, 1950 in Sutton Coldfield, England. He was the third child of Dorothy and Arthur Clements, with older sisters Jill and Susan. Paul spent most of his formative years in the seaside city of Brighton, and was educated at Brighton and Hove Grammar School and Brighton Polytechnic College.  After completing his education, Paul fulfilled the dreams of many curious travelers and ventured to the United States for the first time at 21 years old. Enthusiastic about the promise of America, he traveled the length and breadth of country. To him, it was the promised land and held the opportunity for any goals he set forth.  With a backpack on his back, a guitar in hand, and cowboy boots on his feet, Paul exemplified the spirit of the United States.

On Christmas Eve of 1971, Paul met his future wife, Robin. In just 4 days, they knew that it was love. For the next four months, they hitch hiked around Europe, traveling from England to Israel. Upon returning to America, Clem and Robin married in September of 1972. Eager to begin their lives together, they rented an apartment in New York City.  Looking to fuse his traveling curiosity with a working career, Clem became a roadie for some of the biggest music acts of the time, including Deep Purple, Queen, and Bob Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Review.  Finding success, Robin and Clem began laying the foundations for a family.  A weekend home was purchased in then-rural Sparta, New Jersey.  With bucolic farms and functional suburban amenities, Clem began to settle down and took a fixed position as the director of concerts for the famed Radio City Music Hall.  However, the fixed life wasn’t in store for Clem yet, as he soon found himself running the tours of some of music’s all-time biggest acts, including Madonna and The Rolling Stones.  A son, Jordy, was born in 1984, and with another son born in 1985, the young family moved out of New York and into Sparta full time.  Following more tours and accolades, including a reader’s poll award for Site Coordinator of the Year, Clem finally concluded his last worldwide tour, with Dire Straits, just in time to welcome the birth of his and Robin’s daughter, Mackenzie.

Since coming off the road, Clem has had the chance to indulge in a more normal lifestyle.  Maintaining a position as Project Manager for Scharff Wesberg’s eclectic audio-visual installations, he has attempted to find the typically suburban American balance of work and play.  A founder of the Sparta Old Farts Football Club, a championship winning soccer team for the over forty set, Clem can never read, watch, or play enough soccer.  The only thing that might draw his eye for a game might be keeping abreast of the country’s and the world’s political and economic goings on.  Widely admired wherever he has laid his head or his lunch pail, Clem has already put his two sons through prestigious American universities, and is looking forward to doing the same for his daughter.